Our Past Speakers

Last year, TEDxCVS invited six speakers from various fields to discuss their ideas worth spreading. We had Ira Singhal, the first disabled person to top the prestigious civil services exam share her ideas on the possibility of a society of Equals where no human resource is left unutilized and no potential doomed due to some dysfunctionality.

We had Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi, a successful entrepreneur with three major innovative companies to his name share his ideas on how Technology can be used to drive Education and together they can help build the future of our dreams.

Mr. Ashish Tiwari, the digital marketing head at Hero Motors Corp. and a tech-savvy professional spoke about human relationships in his candid and energetic talk. Sharing his personal experiences and those of others, he emphasized on being brave enough to leave when it’s time to.

Dr. Gaurav Deka, a psychodynamic psychotherapist and a Transpersonal Regression Expert in his most interesting talk spoke about the illusion of choice. He talked about Conflict as a necessary catalyst in the human life, to extract the most out of it and the reminder of the gift of free will.

We had Mr. Ankit Srivastava, a Digital Growth Strategist and the author of ‘The Urban Lama’ talk about the flaws in the Asian Education system. He asked the crowd a simple question and then asked them to introspect on the answer. Not on the ‘why’ of the answer but on the ‘why not’.

We had Mr. Anwesh Sahoo the youngest person to hold the title of Mr. Gay World India talk about gender issues, sexuality, self-love and confidence in his cheery and radical talk. He inspired the crowd by telling them that the biggest favour they can do to themselves is being confident in their bodies.

Lastly we had Mr. Shrenik Gandhi, an entrepreneur, a CEO and the Co-founder of White Rivers Media speak about the secret of hope in his life, a ray of light that helps him going till the end, the process of being spontaneous.