TEDxCVS is an independent organisation created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.”

As a leading and established leadership platform, our events are here to provide eye opening and life changing experiences to broaden the minds, connections and understanding of the world in which we live. We devote ourselves in delivering powerful talks on the issues that matter through real stories that touch people and inspire them to act on change.

At the day long conference we will feature eminent speakers from different walks of life who will share unique ideas from India and all around the globe.
This breathtaking range of experiences and perspectives provides the richest possible landscape for creative collisions. Any chance meeting at TEDxCVS can lead to exciting new ideas and insights. Each conversation with a new person could reveal new trends, treatments and technologies – or spark them.

We envision a community of insightful, wise and intelligent people with the goal to shape our world as a community for the better. Because, we are not just about the ideas worth spreading. We are compassion, joy, equality, humanity and change worth spreading.

Pause for a Cause

We, human beings, in a quest to accomplish our own coveted grails, often restrict ourselves to our personal desires and to endearment for only those few who are nearest to us.
Through this event, we aim to provoke a change in the thought process of young minds, instigating a spark within them to widen this sphere of compassion, to be the building blocks for an ever so scintillating future, to be that change needed to transform the society for it's betterment, to simply pause for a cause.

Event Schedule

March 9, Saturday

11:00 AM

02:00 PM

05:00 PM
Closing Ceremony

College of Vocational Studies

The College of Vocational Studies, founded in 1972, is one of the renowned colleges of University of Delhi. It has been imparting knowledge and excellence in the fields of management, vocational, professional and conventional education. It aims to achieve an environment where students attain knowledge and wisdom with utmost passion and dedication and blossom into responsible citizens of the country.

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